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Information for beginner endurance riders, from "" -

"About" Scroll to "Introduction to Endurance Riding"

Conditioning for your first endurance ride (PDF) - Conditioning

Equine Nutrition, by Susan Evans Garlinghouse, DVM

Electrolyte Comparison by Karen Chaton  Electrolytes

Endurance Rider Education - List by Karen Chaton Endurance Rider Education


TRAC - Trail Riding Alberta Conference -

EC -Equine Canada - Under EC in Disciplines you will find - Endurance Canada

ERABC - Endurance Riders Association of British Columbia -

Saskatchewan Long Riders - http://Sask Long Riders Face Book Link

DRMA - Distance Riders of Manitoba -

OCTRA - Ontario Competitive Trail Riders Association -

AERC - American Endurance Ride Conference - scroll to New Members Information on how to get started -


Links for More Information About AGLC and Funding

AGLC (Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission) - AGLC

Funding Application - Travel Itinerary